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Transform Community

Through the Private Movement

A Private Member Association

Welcome to the platform 

We are inspired community builders who offer a variety of private initiatives from beautiful Vancouver Island.

All offerings are designed to prepare members for a bright new world, one that is based on the great
Natural Law (honour all life). 

Here's a quick overview to help you find what you need, so we can begin something wonderful together.

Why Join Unified Fields?

Explore how Private Member Associations revolutionize community:


Practice the lawful right to associate.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states,
"Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association." Article 20. 

Enjoying the Nature

Natural Law

The is the one great Universal Law: honor all life, do no harm. PMAs are established from the foundational pillar of Natural Law.



Member interactions occur in the private rather than the public, offering an additional layer of privacy free from public policy overreach.

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Actions guided by wholesome morals, and ethics, where responsibility, equity and Natural Law are at the forefront.

Vegetable Garden

" Unified Fields is at the forefront of the Private movement, unifying collaborative projects and like-hearted people locally and beyond. "

Explore Offerings

Unified Fields presents two private forums for members to engage in meaningful discussions, share resources, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Be A Members for $20 Lifetime Access  

A one time $20 donation grants you access to all initiatives offered by Unified Fields. 

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Member Benefits

Learn Innovative Wellness Practices

Connect with a Global Community 

Unified Fields provides two personal transformation resources: EnVisioning with Ariane and Myofascia Works with Stephan. These platforms offer simple, profound, and effective practices, guided by leading experts with over 25 years of combined experience.

Members have access to a global community of  like-minded people through biweekly visionary calls hosted by Ariane. Explore mutual support, shared wisdom, and inspiration. This global community will enhance personal growth, broaden perspectives, and create lasting new friendships. 

Advance Your Wellbeing & Growth 

Expand The Private Movement 

Ariane and Stephan are passionate professionals that offer innovative practices through online programs, live events, and private sessions. Their cutting-edge offerings and extensive experience ensure exceptional guidance and transformation for their members.

We are devoted to improving our private association, developing our offerings and expanding the network of private professionals working across North America. The private movement is the future of our society and you get to be part of it. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.

Outdoor Meditation

“Ariane is a gifted and intuitive listener. She gently guides you into your own imagination and your own access to the field of possibilities. A session with her is like no other.”   

Cindy Foley



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